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Achieving Critical Mass

The goal of any new network marketing company - and that glorious moment when you truly know that your business has a real chance of making it - is achieving critical mass. Trust me when I say, as a network marketing company owner, there is no better feeling in the world! It is like winning the lottery…!

Most successful network marketing companies experience an S curve when it comes to growth. Initially, there is slow linear growth as you build your base network – I call these people the founding members. At some point, however (and this is the pure beauty of network marketing and the power of duplicated efforts), you will reach a stage where there are enough active members in the team to move your business into an exponential growth phase. This number is called Critical Mass. It is what every network marketer dreams of. That utopian moment. The exact number varies from company to company but, on average, 2000 active members seems to be the approximate magic number.

When the business flourishes, the network explodes, people are walking in with bundles of applications, the website is having to be upgraded to cope with volumes, sales are pouring in and you feel like you have just won the jackpot!

The sad truth is that few networks ever achieve critical mass. The reasons for this vary from business to business, but in my many years of growing network marketing businesses and being a part of the industry, I have noticed 8 recurring trends that I now tell all my clients to stay clear of.  Over the next few posts, I will share these causes with you and show you a sure-fire tried and tested strategy for achieving critical mass fast. 

When I say “sure-fire tried and tested” I am not talking about some theoretical process. The strategy I am going to share is a case study. We helped one of our clients achieve a little over 10,000 members in three months and recently we helped a client grow to 60,000 members in just 6 months. My dream is to help MLM companies to develop and grow and all that is needed is for you to apply the knowledge I am sharing in these blog posts.