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Launch Formula - Soft Launch - Part 4

Getting people to the soft launch is your primary objective. We are, after all, trying to achieve critical mass. Prepare a script, have your members learn it and then role-play the invitation until it is smooth and effective. Set a limit on the number of people they can bring. This limit will focus them on the exclusive nature of the business and only allow them to select the best people they have as their first recruits. In my experience, a great many of your founding members will be approaching you to bring more than 5 people. 

Very importantly, the founding members must make sure that all their people bring with them the correct documentation. If you require photocopies of key documents, then your founding members must ensure that their prospects have this with them. If there is an investment needed, the members must have a way to receipt the cash or to process a credit card. Nothing must be left to chance. Think through your process and make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

On the soft launch night
You should have 500 people at your soft launch. There is no way you and your staff can deal with this volume of people. You therefore need to rely on your founding members to sign up their prospects. Your members must be fully prepared for their role on the night. They must have all the tools they need such as:

    a. Enough forms
    b. A working pen for each prospect
    c. A clipboard for each prospect
    d. They must know exactly how to fill in the form and have done it several times in training, know what documentation is required and how to process the payment

The why
Your founding members need to know why they are doing the business. It is your job to focus them on their dreams and show them on how the business will make those dreams come true. Few people work for money. Most people want what money can buy. Lifestyle, freedom, an education for their children. These are all motivators. Find out what their dreams are and spend a lot of time focusing and locking in those dreams. If you do this, you’ll keep your people focused on your business.

You should have a launch incentive. An example would be to give a prize to the first 20 people to fill up their 5 front line positions with paid up members. Use your meetings and communications engines to keep announcing who has made it and how many places are still available. Many of your members will be signing people into the team long before the soft launch. This gives you your much-needed additional momentum. Also, create urgency around the initial recruiting process to motivate your members even more.

The week following the training is dedicated to helping your members in any way possible to get people to the soft launch. Provide assistance and be available to answer any questions. Talk to their prospects if necessary. If you don’t have time for this, then one of two scenarios is to blame - either you are launching prematurely or you are understaffed. In both cases, you should not be launching in the first place. By the week before the soft launch, you should have nothing better to do than help build the business or you should have someone who is doing this full-time.

Soft Launch
The soft launch is no different from the prelaunch except there should be around 500 people present. All the same strategies apply so re-read the previous section if you are not sure what to do. Just a small reminder - we’re building on the lifestyle here.

The training that takes place in the week after the soft launch is primarily hosted and facilitated by the founding members. They should be trained well enough over the previous weeks to do this effectively. They must do it from your office and you need to be there to watch and assist where necessary. Keeping the momentum going is everything. Intersperse the dealer training with short lectures from the company staff to ensure that the correct message is being relayed and make sure all the focus is on getting their 5 prospects to the next and final launch event.

The goal is to have over 1000 people at the launch!