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Sustained Growth Part 6 - Social

One of the key drivers for many people can be summed up in the term Social. It covers everything from involvement in team meetings and get-togethers to charity work.

Team meetings|
You will notice many of your members arriving early for a meeting and leaving late. These are the people who love the social interaction and thrive on the meeting culture. They will invite loads of people to the meetings and make the meeting an event for themselves and the people they invite.  Make sure your meetings are fun, engaging and compelling. In this way, you will validate their belief and behavior and ensure an ongoing commitment to future meetings.

Altruism is a massive driver of behavior. If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you will find that the most important of all needs is self-actualization. Self-actualization refers to feeling fulfilled or feeling that we are living up to our potential. Very often, self-actualization involves helping others. MLM presents a massive opportunity for self-actualization. As a company, you need to establish a clear social responsibility strategy, identify charities that provide some degree of message synergy and get your members involved. The more involved your members are, the more effective you will make them. 

Growing a team
Your IBOs are in a unique position to help people around them achieve success and you will find many of them making huge sacrifices to see their team members succeed. By creating defined support strategies that these IBOs can leverage, you will be able to drive and reward desired behavior.

The social aspect of MLM demands an entire category of its own and I will be addressing this issue in a future post. For now, asses your social strategy and give yourself a score out of 20.